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The official online store of The Realm Ethereal featuring the art of Rene Arreola

Fantasy Art Realm is the hub of The Realm Ethereal, a collection of art and stories set in a magical universe. The character creations featured here are brought to life and unfold through a series of paintings and comic book storytelling.

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Shop my online store for merchandise featuring the creations from The Realm Ethereal. From limited edition prints to mugs, pillows and fanny packs. Check out my online store.

These characters and creations come from the online comic book The Realm Ethereal. Click the image or the button below to start reading the story.

“Kor, Ethereal Reveal”

Each month a new artwork is released, along with related merch. Be sure to check back next month for the newest creation! Or, sign up for my email list to receive updates.

Kor, the Ethereal of Chaos, resurfaces in a new painting “Kor, Ethereal Reveal”. Learn more about this newly released art print here.

My name is Rene Arreola and I am the creator and artist behind The Realm Ethereal. Here is my latest video featuring a time lapse painting of “Kor, Ethereal Reveal”. At the end, there is even some narrative, adding to Kor’s story.

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Fantasy Art Realm is a collection of artwork meant to inspire imagination, pique curiosity and open the world to the ideas and possibilities brought about by fervent and unbridled artistic creativity. Oh, and you can also buy some pretty cool looking artwork on stuff you can actually use.

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