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Avalina Drawstring Bag

The Avalina Drawstring Bag has just dropped, and it is sweet. This was one of my first paintings that really sticks to a minimal color palette. The redness of it all makes this a really color-saturated piece. Because of this, it’s a piece that is eye catching.

When my art is translated into merchandise, the printing process seems to add saturation. I actually really like this because while my limited edition art prints tend to be the most true to life colors as I envisioned them, the merchandise just looks better with brighter colors.

Drawstring bags were the first product I put my artwork on and they continue to be a best-seller in my entire catalog. The drawstring bags are highly functional and make great day-trip bags as well as for traveling in airports. I know this first hand because my wife and I recently took a trip to Alaska via a cruise ship. From traveling to the airport, on ship and on day excursions to several Alaskan ports as well as Victoria, Canada, my drawstring bag did not let me down.

I stored my iPad in it, along with bottle water, food, a spare coat, my iPad and iPhone charging wire and block. The list goes on. These drawstring bags are rated to hold up to 33 lbs. On this particular trip, the drawstring bags were so convenient. Easy to get into and easy to store when not in use.

I’ve included some high resolution photos below. You can also check out the Avalina drawstring bag and other Fantasy Art Realm characters featured on more drawstring bags here.

Fantasy Art Realm was created by me, Rene Arreola. I am an artist who draws and paints fantastic imagery in the style of imaginative realism. My interest in making art lies at the intersection of character design and creation while owning my art and intellectual properties.

On top of all that, I really just enjoy playing with colors in a painting while paying homage the superhero comic books I read as a child. That’s why my fantasy art illustration will always have some kind of look to it that draws from superhero comics.

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