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King Baldor – Into the Cosmos

King Baldor Into the CosmosMy latest character creation is King Baldor. He debuts as a character set in my Realm Ethereal universe, which is a world I am building that includes a comic book series I am creating.

This particular piece is titled “King Baldor – Into the Cosmos”. With him is his trusted war-hound, the elf dragon named Decima.

Here is a quick timelapse video of my digital painting process for this piece. As the video will show, I do all my preliminary sketching and drawing as well as the final grayscale render in Procreate, using my iPad Pro.

After that, I take grayscale painting into Photoshop and begin painting in the colors. I hope you enjoy the video, please feel free to leave comments below!


Fantasy Art Realm was created by Rene Arreola. He is an artist who draws and paints fantastic imagery in the style of imaginative realism. His interest in making art lies at the intersection of character design and creation while owning his own art and intellectual properties.

On top of all that, he really just enjoys playing with colors in a painting while paying homage the superhero comic books he read as a child. That’s why his fantasy art illustration will always have some kind of look to it that draws from superhero comics.

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