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Playmats Are In!

I am so stoked to now have playmats in stock in the Fantasy Art Realm online store. Playmats are a lot like giant mouse pads. They’re soft, rubber-backed, and can also be used on a desktop like a giant mouse pad.

The four I have in stock feature: Avalina Ethereal Guard, Om Ethereal Reveal, King Baldor, and Ena Ethereal Reveal. I selected these four particular images for playmats for several reasons.

Ena, Ethereal Reveal features a recognizable background. With lush mountains trailing into the far background distance over a blue ocean and detailed rocks in the foreground, how could anyone mistake this for any other place than earth? Well, except for the four moons hanging over the horizon in the distance, right? Well, it is a fantasy art painting.

King Baldor features one of my favorite backdrops, that being the cosmos. Outer space. And it also features a small dragon. Who doesn’t like small dragons?

Avalina has a definite mysterious, alien-like world vibe to it. And rightly so, this is a character who is a guard standing at a gateway that links two worlds. And with her companion falcons, the piece also makes for a nice blend of figure painting with animal painting. And the warm, red color scheme is one of my more monochromatic, cohesive pieces.

And finally, how could I not include Om, the Ethereal of Vibration. In his “Ethereal Reveal” moment, it makes for one of the few pieces that still holds the character really well even when cropped in tightly. So the dimension of having the character be right up in front of the camera for this playmat couldn’t have worked out better.

Here are some photos showing the playmats available as well as up close photos of the playmats. Along with a short video of myself unrolling a playmat on my desk in my office.

These are the very first set of playmats I’ve ever ordered and I really like the way they turned out. Highly functional as large mouse pads for desktops and perfect for gaming, check out my current selection of playmats in my store.

Fantasy Art Realm was created by me, Rene Arreola. I am an artist who draws and paints fantastic imagery in the style of imaginative realism. My interest in making art lies at the intersection of character design and creation while owning my art and intellectual properties.

On top of all that, I really just enjoy playing with colors in a painting while paying homage the superhero comic books I read as a child. That’s why my fantasy art illustration will always have some kind of look to it that draws from superhero comics.

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