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Ena, Ethereal Reveal 24" x 14" Playmat


Use this 24″ x 14″ playmat for gaming or as an oversized mousepad. Featuring original artwork by Rene Arreola for The Realm Ethereal.

  • 14″x24”x1/16 Fabric Anti-Fraying Playmat- Built for Heavy Use*
  • Soft Fabric Absorptive Top Provides Ideal Playing Surface Prevents Unnecessary Wear and Tear of Cards
  • Sealed Stitched Edge Prevents Edge Curling and Increase Life of the Mat
  • Non-Skid Rubber Backed for Traction 1.5mm (1/16”) Thick.
  • Machine Washable



Fantasy Art Realm is a collection of artwork meant to inspire imagination, pique curiosity and open the world to the ideas and possibilities brought about by fervent and unbridled artistic creativity. Oh, and you can also buy some pretty cool looking artwork on stuff you can actually use.

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